CQuence Health Group - CQuence Health Unveils New Brand as Key Step to Bring Its Vision to Life

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Omaha, Nebraska (May 17, 2023) – CQuence Health, a Midwest company investing in some of the industry’s most innovative healthcare companies, has unveiled a new name and brand identity. CQuence’s new look and feel represents the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry and the company’s infinite commitment to shaping the future of healthcare.

CQuence Health (formerly CQuence Health Group) works with healthcare companies to make a positive impact on patient outcomes by providing a unique blend of strategic guidance, professional services and investment capital. With over 35 years of industry experience, the company provides invaluable expertise and support to its holdings and partners.


“The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and healthcare innovations are advancing at an unprecedented rate,” said Mike Cassling, chairman and CEO of CQuence Health. “We want to be on the leading edge of that change by helping healthcare businesses grow. Our new brand identity redefines what sets us apart from traditional investment companies. We offer industry experience, connections and services that offload the burden of day-to-day tasks, allowing our partners to focus on achieving their long-term goals.”

By partnering with startup, emerging and scaling healthcare and health IT companies, CQuence Health aims to impact 1 billion patient lives by 2030. Companies in its current portfolio include its holdings Cassling and Phase Medical, as well as DocPanel, Mikroscan, Inventure, InterLink AI and Intercept Telehealth.

“As a company, our goals are more defined than ever,” said Tana Phelps, Vice President of Marketing. “We strive to change healthcare for the better by improving access and outcomes. To do that, we recognized the need to create a brand that reflects the innovative spirit we foster in our employees, partners and healthcare professionals. Our new and modern logo and brand identity will distinguish our mission to make a bigger impact in healthcare, together.”



The new CQuence Health logo is contemporary, approachable and professional. Key elements of CQuence’s brand evolution include:

  • Dropping the word “group” to broaden and expand offerings and emphasize CQuence’s position as a healthcare company.
  • An updated color palette introduces two shades of blue that bring contrast and vibrancy.
  • A modern, friendly typeface that reflects the brand’s approachability.
  • A new and distinct wordmark. The “C” and “Q” come together intentionally to create an infinity symbol. The infinity symbol represents the infinite commitment to investing in healthcare companies and indicates that the work is never done to serve the healthcare community.

Custom signage displaying the new logo has been installed throughout the company’s new headquarters. CQuence Health is also launching a new website in line with the company’s refreshed brand identity. For more information, visit www.cquencehealth.com and follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

About CQuence Health

CQuence Health shapes the future of healthcare by providing strategic guidance, professional services and investment capital to some of the industry’s most innovative companies. CQuence fosters and supports entrepreneurs from bold idea to thriving business venture and everywhere along that sequence, maximizing their impact on patient lives and the community.

CQuence Health is selective in its funding approach — supporting strong business ideas that have real potential to reshape healthcare. In addition to capital, CQ’s strategic guidance ensures entrepreneurs have the business and financial resources to become long-lasting enterprises, leading the charge for a better world. Our holding companies also benefit from professional services, such as research, marketing, human resources, accounting and IT support from experts with decades of experience in their respective fields.

To view CQuence’s full portfolio and see firsthand the impact CQuence is making in the healthcare space, visit CQuenceHealth.com.