CQuence Strategic Guidance

Taking a genuine interest in your success

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Strategic Guidance

Acting as a partner and advisor to your healthcare company, CQuence works alongside you to plan strategies and implement processes to set and meet your goals.

We provide access to a network of experienced capital partners, consulting experts and leaders in business, healthcare and IT, as well as our in-house experts. This enables us to offer your team competitive insights, access to high-value industry connections and the ability to advise on corporate strategy.

We take a genuine interest in your growth, because when you achieve your goals, so do we. And that means the world is a better place—for patients and families, providers and entire communities.

Our Commitment to You

We take our role as your strategic advisor seriously. Here is what you can expect as part of our relationship and approach to working together. CQuence will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your vision, your passion and your purpose
  • Get up to speed and develop foundational insight into your business strategy and growth plans
  • Conduct due diligence and research to validate your market need, size, scope and opportunity
  • Validate and, if necessary, adjust your financial and operating models to fast track your road to success

Your Role in the Partnership

We believe a partnership performs best when both sides are actively engaged, committed to transparency and eager to learn. Here is what we ask from you as part of your engagement with CQuence:

  • Actively participate in the strategic planning process
  • Engage our professional services teams to align common goals and objectives
  • Keep us connected to your organizational direction, plans and commitments

Maximizing Your Results

We know your time and resources are valuable and many times short in supply. That’s why our efforts are always geared toward maximizing your results, including:

  • Reduced start-up and operating costs
  • Increased capacity to focus on your core competency as a business and a leader
  • Compliance to government, industry and privacy regulations
  • Improved opportunity for success

What Our Customers Are Saying

Andy Beer, Phase Medical

Working with the team at CQuence has been low stress but high returns. From leadership, who are focused on the success of their partners, to staff who are always willing to roll-up their sleeves to solve a problem. I have had a great time working with everyone and look forward to our partnership in the years to come.”

Ally Thomson, InterlinkAI

The powerhouse CQuence marketing group is a joy to work with – especially for small organizations like ours that can’t afford to bring all expertise in house. From fully baked creative strategies and campaign development, to end-to-end video production and one-off digital marketing questions, we’ve been lucky to have them as an extension of our team.”

Tom Miller, WasteMedX

“Partnering with CQuence has helped WasteMedX tremendously, enabling us to better strategize and scale our business, develop branding and messaging that resonates with our target audience, and create and develop relationships with industry experts. CQuence is a powerful resource and a valuable partnership that we are incredibly happy to have.”

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