CQuence Health - CQuence Health Employees Break Donations Record

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Omaha, Neb. (April 19, 2022) – Employees of CQuence Health Group and its operating companies have raised a record-breaking amount of donations for charities around the country.

Every year, departments from across CQuence Health Group choose a charity to donate funds or canned goods to, with the winner able to donate additional charity funds that have been compiled throughout the year. This year, in alignment with CQuence Health Group’s vision and mission, the drive supported a variety of nonprofits across the wide spectrum of healthcare and community health services

Collectively, employee donations added up to $4,733, the highest amount that’s ever been generated by CQuence Health Group employees directly. The winner of the friendly competition was the Western territory sales team of Cassling, an operating company of CQuence Health Group. With an average of $133.65 donated per employee, they generated more money per team member than any other contributor.

The team’s chosen charity was the Foundry, a community-funded youth center in Lincoln, California dedicated to forging character and compassion through mentorship and service. Other charities receiving donations included:

  • Endless Journey Hospice
  • Make a Wish
  • Sammy’s Superheroes
  • Combined Health Agencies Drive (CHAD) Nebraska
  • Ronald McDonald House, Wichita
  • Unfaulted
  • John D. Gomke Charity
  • Free Clinics of Iowa
  • Lifescape

CQuence Health Group has matched all funds dollar for dollar as part of its mission to support healthcare in the many forms it may take. This work is spearhead by its internal CQCares Committee, which identifies charities and enables team members, as well as the organization as a whole, to donate to the causes they’re passionate about.

“Every year, our employees step up to the plate to help organizations that are helping those in need,” said Mike Cassling, chairman and CEO of CQuence Health Group. “This year, they reached numbers that would have once seemed unprecedented. I continue to be inspired by our CQ community’s ambition to help others, and this recent drive is just one example of the many ways our team members go above and beyond to support the greater good.”


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