CQuence Health - CQuence Health Invests in Pharmaceutical Solutions Pioneer InterLink AI

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Mountain View, Calif. (July 22, 2021) – CQuence Health Group, a parent company to a growing portfolio of healthcare organizations, has invested in InterLink AI, a leading-edge pharmacy and healthcare technology company.

“InterLink AI describes the connection between our technology, services and devices and the opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics in the pharmacy community,” said Bob Curry, President of InterLink AI.

The company was founded to virtually eliminate errors in medication dispensing in retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities and hospitals.

“At CQuence Health Group, it’s our mission to transform the healthcare system through more accessible, affordable and innovative services and solutions,” said CEO Mike Cassling. “We do that by providing healthcare technology companies like InterLink AI with financial resources, strategic guidance and operating support services.”

InterLink AI uses proprietary technology to provide an error-free, fraud-free and highly compliant solution for pharmacies that increases operational efficiency, improves patient satisfaction and enables pharmacists to spend more time with patients delivering clinical services.

About CQuence Health Group

CQuence Health Group is an Omaha, Nebr.-based firm focused on investing in innovative, entrepreneurial healthcare IT, product and service startups with the potential to shape the future of healthcare. CQuence was founded in 2011 on the belief of serving the greater healthcare community and advocating for more accessible, affordable and innovative services and solutions that could transform the healthcare system. Today, we help grow startups aligned with our mission through access to shared services, strategic relationships and capital. Our goal is to impact one billion patient lives by 2030. For more information, visit: CQuenceHealth.com.

About InterLink AI

InterLink AI is a leading-edge pharmacy and healthcare technology company founded on all internally generated, internationally patented technology. InterLink AI is driven to make the dispensing and administration of prescription drugs safer. Its groundbreaking trio of technologies set the industry standard for medication verification.