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A proven approach to helping healthcare businesses and entrepreneurs

We believe success comes from partnership. It’s this model that allows us to provide exceptional value to your company and ensure you’re able to achieve and exceed your goals. Our three-tiered investment model makes CQ unique from other investors, enabling us to provide you with more than just an infusion of capital.

In addition to funding, you gain access to our ideas, experience, connections and capabilities that enable you to achieve your goals more quickly. You can take advantage of strategic guidance, administrative support, sales administration, marketing and more, to develop a strong competitive advantage and build market share. Here’s how.

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Investment Capital

CQ offers start-up and build-up funding, expansions, carve outs and fund contributions depending on our partners’ needs, revenue models and growth projections. Investment structures include control or minority equity stakes, convertible debt and revenue split models.

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Strategic Guidance

In addition to our executive leadership, CQ curates and provides a window to a network of experienced capital partners, consulting experts and business, healthcare and IT leaders. This enables us to offer partner companies competitive insight, access to high-value market connections and the ability to advise on corporate strategy.

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Operational Support

Our best-in-class operational support, unique among investment organizations, enables partners to offload certain business functions to CQ’s experienced, centralized team. CQ offers support in business development, marketing, accounting, human capital management and information technology, providing a premium level of service in these areas while helping partners to contain costs and allow company leadership to focus on the core of the business.

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At CQuence, our entire team is passionate about serving the healthcare industry. We exist to help innovators and dreamers bring their visions to life and make a meaningful impact on patient care.


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