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Healthcare is our sole focus, but the sheer scope of the healthcare space ensures a diversified mix of products, services and target markets across a variety of successful endeavors, all of which have experienced remarkable growth over the course of years or, in some cases, decades.

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Operating Companies


Cassling is a leading medical imaging sales and service company that helps healthcare organizations create efficiencies, improve outcomes and lower costs.

Portfolio Partner Companies

Ceras Health

Ceras Health uses industry-leading remote monitoring software and easy-to-use wearables to connect doctors and patients for the purposes of chronic care management, behavioral health, televisits and more.


DocPanel is the world’s first on-demand, pay-as-you-go, contract-free service offering radiological reads, second opinions, educational consults, and diagnoses from high-caliber, subspecialty radiologists at prestigious academic hospitals in the United States.


Mikroscan provides portable dual mode telemicroscopy and digital pathology instruments aimed at ensuring every patient receives the right diagnosis from the right expert at the right time, regardless of location.


Inventure is disrupting the MRI contrast market with the development of GADx, a high-quality, low-cost alternative to Magnevist. Inventure’s medical imaging devices are reliable and of low cost, enabling healthcare providers to improve the lives of their patients.


InterLink AI is a leading-edge pharmacy and healthcare technology company founded on internally generated, internationally patented technology. InterLink AI is driven to make the dispensing and administration of prescription drugs safer for patients while reducing the administrative burden and risk for pharmacies. Its groundbreaking trio of technologies set the industry standard for medication verification.

Phase Medical

Phase Medical is an online healthcare marketplace focused on transparency and value. Our mission is to make the medical equipment market accessible to all, easy to use and, most importantly, transparent to everyone. We accomplish this by changing the way businesses handle surplus medical equipment and ensuring that both buyers and sellers are satisfied with the value paid and the value received.

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At CQuence Health Group, our vision is to enable growth for healthcare companies. When you partner with us, your company not only benefits from our operations support and expertise, but it also becomes part of a bigger mission to make a significant difference in health outcomes. If your healthcare company has the potential to shape the future of healthcare, we want to talk with you. Let’s positively impact patient lives together. Get started by completing our contact form.


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