CQuence Health - CQuence Health Announces New Investment Partnership with Intercept Telehealth

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Omaha, Neb. – June 30, 2023 ­– CQuence Health has announced an investment partnership with a leading tele-critical care provider, Intercept Telehealth.

Intercept Telehealth provides tele-critical care to hospital intensive care units (ICUs), among other specialties including tele-neurology, tele-stroke and more, allowing 24/7 access to board-certified intensivists and critical care nurses for continual virtual monitoring and early intervention. CQuence will support Intercept’s growth, helping to ensure that hospitals everywhere have access to the gold standard of critical care.

“Telehealth is not only convenient, but it is also a necessary tool to deliver high-quality care,” said Mike Cassling, chairman and CEO of CQuence Health. “Intercept Telehealth understands the challenges ICUs face. By elevating the quality of care, improving patient outcomes and expanding the range of services offered, Intercept is changing telehealth for the better. We’re excited about this partnership and believe it aligns seamlessly with our vision to improve healthcare access and outcomes.”

Tele-critical care has become a powerful tool to augment limited resources in rural counties that may lack critical care expertise and large urban hospitals facing traffic surges. At times, there is a risk that volume can adversely affect the ability to care for all patients. Tele-critical care leverages technology, expertise and collaboration between remote clinicians and their bedside colleagues to mitigate that risk.

“I’ve witnessed first-hand how critical care patient outcomes suffer because of hospital staff shortages or delays in care,” said Dr. Diego Reino, Intercept Telehealth founder and CEO. “By delivering gold-standard care that is consistent, hospitals experience a financial benefit and patients experience the clinical benefit. Patients are discharged from the ICU faster with fewer complications, and experience more proactive and efficient care.”

For more information on Intercept Telehealth and their cutting-edge technology, visit intercepttelehealth.com. And to learn more about how CQuence works with healthcare companies to positively impact healthcare and patient lives, visit cquencehealth.com.

About CQuence Health

CQuence Health shapes the future of healthcare by providing strategic guidance, professional services and investment capital to some of the industry’s most innovative companies. CQuence fosters and supports entrepreneurs from bold idea to thriving business venture and everywhere along that sequence, maximizing their impact on patient lives and the community.

CQuence Health is selective in its funding approach — supporting strong business ideas that have real potential to reshape healthcare. In addition to capital, CQ’s strategic guidance ensures entrepreneurs have the business and financial resources to become long-lasting enterprises, leading the charge for a better world. Our portfolio companies also benefit from professional services, such as research, marketing, human resources, accounting and IT support from experts with decades of experience in their respective fields.

To view CQuence’s full portfolio and see firsthand the impact CQuence is making in the healthcare space, visit CQuenceHealth.com.

About Intercept Telehealth

Intercept Telehealth is a leading provider of tele-critical care services, utilizing cutting-edge capabilities, including predictive analytics and AI technology, to deliver unprecedented levels of care and transform the economics of hospital operations. By leveraging a team of skilled specialists, Intercept offers remote critical care services that are highly efficient, scalable, and accessible 24/7. The company’s advanced software platform optimizes the ability of intensivists and ICU nurses to manage patient loads in real-time, while providing immediate access to telemetry, EMR, labs, and two-way audio/video services. This powerful combination of tools enables our ICU specialists to focus their attention where it is needed most, allowing for proactive, predictive care that has been proven to save lives, improve patient outcomes, and reduce overall healthcare costs. To learn more about our innovative tele-critical care services, please visit our website at https://intercepttelehealth.com/.