As a healthcare company, we truly understand what goes into your overall wellbeing. That’s why we offer a generous benefits package with innovative extras, along with a full menu of optional wellness activities that make achieving your personal health goals fun, rewarding and memorable.

It’s Your Time to Thrive.

Working for CQuence Health Group is a unique experience that our employees will tell you is unlike any other. Of course, we work hard. We also enjoy an entire corporate program built around our wellbeing and health so we can perform at our best. We don’t just work here, we thrive here—together.

Thrive Wellbeing Committee

The program springs forth from a Wellbeing Committee managed by the employees themselves. This group continually searches for tangible ways to help employees achieve and maintain good habits that contribute to healthy and productive futures. The committee meets regularly to develop incentives, fun challenges and to evaluate existing wellness offerings, so all employees have multiple opportunities to thrive not just in their job roles, but also in all aspects of their lives.

Thrive Pantry

Everyone gets the urge to snack at work, but you won’t find any typical vending machines at CQuence Health Group. Instead, employees enjoy a fully-stocked pantry each week offering complimentary healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh salads, sparkling water, cheeses and nuts to keep energy levels high so employees can to do their best work.

There Are A Lot More Ways We Thrive

CQuence Health Group is proud to have one of the best wellness programs in healthcare. In addition to the benefits already highlighted, our employees appreciate our:

  • On-site gym, with elliptical machines and weights.
  • Daily on-site fitness classes including yoga, kickboxing and boot camp.
  • Quarterly incentive programs and prizes.
  • Annual subsidy for “mind, body and soul” activities.
  • Reimbursement for community runs, golf tournaments and more.
Thrive wellbeing team members Thrive wellbeing team members
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