Volunteer Time Off – How CQ Employees Gave Back This Year

One of the unique ways CQuence Health Group separates itself from other employers is through a benefit known as Volunteer Time Off, or VTO. Similar to PTO, each CQ employee is allotted a certain number of hours away from work; in this case, however, that time is set aside specifically for volunteering for a nonprofit organization. This way, they can support their favorite causes without having to be fearful about taking time away from work to do so.

Every year, our employees use these hours in creative ways that enable them to make a positive impact. In looking back at 2017, we’re highlighting a few of the ways individuals made contributions using their VTO.

ronald-mcdonald-houseRonald McDonald House

Jennifer White, Reporting Analyst, has used VTO to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities. For several years, she has organized a group of employees to purchase supplies and prepare a healthy dinner for families housed there.

“Every quarter I go with a group of co-workers to the Ronald McDonald House to fix and serve dinner to the families in residence there,” said Jennifer. “I like this charity because it supports families with children experiencing significant medical issues. As hard as that would be in and of itself, these families have the additional stress of having to travel away from their homes to Omaha to get the treatment their child needs. Can you imagine having to live on hospital food for days, weeks and sometimes months at a time? It feels good to do just a little to brighten their day.”

Jennifer is a member of the CQ Cares Committee. Comprised of employees from CQuence Health Group, Cassling and Ensocare, the committee works throughout the year to manage the numerous activities centered around corporate responsibility and volunteerism. She and her fellow committee members have spearheaded many of the VTO events that the CQ team participated in in 2017.

Salvation Army Bell RingingThe Salvation Army

CQ employees also took part in a number of activities that benefitted the Salvation Army. In addition to donating toys for the annual Angel Tree event and personally giving to the organization’s disaster relief efforts in the wake of the multiple hurricanes that struck our country last year, our team took part in:

  • Bell Ringing for the Red Kettle Campaign in the lead-up to Christmas
  • The Kids Cruisin’ Kitchen program, which gives nutritious meals to children in need during the summer months, when they can’t rely on schools to provide a meal
  • Food sorting at the Burrows Center pantry

Mandy Olderog, Sales Contract Coordinator, even took her support for the Salvation Army one step further:

“I volunteered at Toyland – the Salvation Army Angel Tree toy distribution center,” said Mandy. “I was able to take the participants ‘shopping’ to pick out two special toys, one board game and two stocking stuffers per child. It was neat to be able to see what happens to all the toys that are donated to angel trees around the city. Seeing the smiles and getting hugs from the participants was icing on the cake.”

I’m humbled by the outpouring of support that the people of CQ have shown to the Salvation Army, a cause that is near and dear to my own heart. I serve on the group’s National Advisory Board, where I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible things the Salvation Army does not just in Omaha, but throughout the country. To see our team members come together for this charity again and again throughout 2017 was really something special.

Ali-Student-Ministry-EventKeeping the Faith

Some CQuence Health employees chose to use their volunteer hours to support personal, faith-based causes. Whether it be teaching or assisting with myriad events, the CQ team lent a hand.

Ali Gambino, Graphic Designer, was one such volunteer:

“I used VTO hours to meet with students from my church’s student ministry, Youth United (I’m a volunteer leader and marketer for them) and to go on a student ministry trip with them this year. I also did Bell Ringing!”

Others helped out local healthcare organizations. For many, including Account Executive Cassie Carroll, there was a special personal reason for donating their time.

“This year I volunteered at a hospice house that took special care of my grandmother in her last days of her life,” said Cassie. “It was a way to give back to my community and spend some last days with so many wonderful people.”

Kirsten-Maggie-Childrens-Museum-HalloweenSupporting Wellbeing

Every year CQuence employees exercise their passion for giving and being physically active by helping out with the many community events that take place across the Omaha metro.

Fun Runs, 5Ks, Walks, Marches: all of these events require a veritable army of supporters to make happen, and not only did many CQ team members participate in each event, they also volunteered to help set up and manage them too.

Maggie McGlade, Marketing Events Specialist, and Kirsten Smith, Social Media and Marketing Specialist, helped out with a spooky event this past October.

“This year, Kirsten and I used our time to pass out healthy treats at the Children’s Museum for Halloween,” said Maggie. “We were able to dress up in costume with the kids and see how providing snack options other than candy really helps children and parents alike understand the healthy choices they can make to improve their diets.”

We All Can Make a Difference

Every year, I continue to be awestruck by the selfless contributions of everyone at CQ, Cassling and Ensocare.

The CQ Difference is something we talk about a lot in terms of what separates us from the competition. But seeing each person do their part for the greater good is perhaps the best demonstration of what that difference really means.

Thanks to everyone who used their Volunteer Time Off to enrich others’ lives in 2017. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do in 2018.

Mike Cassling
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