The Evolution of the Employee Experience (EX)

Across our family of companies, we are passionate about improving the experience for our employees, customers and the patients they serve. We know that the process starts from within, ensuring our employees have a positive experience internally to deliver a world-class customer experience (CX) externally.

We want our team members to have what they need to do their best work in order to continue improving our business performance and results. We are listening deeply and thinking differently about how we invest in our collective experience, from onboarding, development and everyday processes to the company communication, culture and more.

In our ongoing effort to enhance the employee experience, three employee-led teams were created earlier this year to address onboarding, rewards and recognition, and coaching and development. These teams each formulated a problem statement and defined their primary objectives. Thanks to their dedication and commitment, team members continued to collaborate remotely throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The onboarding team, led by Cassling Sales Contract Coordinator Monica Casey, used employee surveys to identify opportunities for improvement to the onboarding process for new employees.

“I was very impressed with my team and everyone’s willingness to contribute and collaborate on this project together,” said Monica.

Based on the survey data, the onboarding team focused on enhancing the existing Cultural Ambassador program and establishing a protocol for hiring managers that defines communication expectations during a new employee’s first 30 days of employment.

“I’m excited about the refresh of the Cultural Ambassador program,” said Monica. “This project gave me a lot of insight into how we can increase awareness of the program while also making it more accessible to everyone by getting more people involved.”

The Cultural Ambassador is a resource outside of the new hire’s immediate team who is focused on the employee’s wellbeing as a member of the company. The refresh defined the guidelines and expectations of Cultural Ambassador participants in an effort to help new hires feel more connected and considered within the company. The onboarding team established an internal checklist and timeline for Cultural Ambassadors to maintain communication with new hires and assist them throughout their first 90 days at the company.

“We included soft-touch skills like making sure the new employee knows where to park and what to expect during the orientation process,” said Monica. “We focused on making sure that new employees feel welcomed and know that this is a process that we really care about.”

The onboarding team also created a standardized check list to guide hiring managers’ interactions with new employees during pre-boarding, onboarding and the first 30 days of employment. In the future, additional employee experience work will focus on establishing training plans for new employees and building tools to assist hiring managers during this process.

Rewards and Recognition
The rewards and recognition team, led by Cassling Service Operations Manager Lili Shim, evaluated the existing employee recognition program and created guidelines to standardize the recognition process.

“Regular recognition for actions that tie into our company values contributes to increased employee morale and engagement,” said Lili.

After assessing the data, the team found lower-than-desired utilization of the current recognition program. Based on these results, the team focused on enhancing the Bob Bucks program and expanding work anniversary milestones. Team members determined that creating a peer-to-peer recognition program would encourage everyone companywide to recognize others for “going the extra mile” when warranted.

“I am excited about how these enhancements will increase engagement in the recognition programs,” said Lili. “The new peer-to-peer recognition program in particular will allow more opportunities for team members to say ‘thank you’ to their peers for going above and beyond in a more meaningful way.”

The team also created guidelines to standardize the way managers recognize employees and updated the work anniversary milestone gift program.

“Not only will that represent a consistent recognition method, but our team also believes it will increase employee retention,” said Lili.

Coaching and Development
The coaching and development team, led by Cassling Sales Controller Mike Haywood, focused on better embracing the company’s model of coaching and developing a more formal method to establish employee development goals.

“Our team had members from a variety of departments who serve in different roles and who are located all across the country,” said Mike. “Having all those viewpoints helped us bring in new perspectives to determine the problem and how we could solve it.”

The team met every two weeks to create and implement the Coaching and Development Survey that will be administered to all employees twice per year to identify specific coaching opportunities for managers.

“As a result of the survey, I think we are going to have better conversations that really foster the growth and development of people in their role,” said Mike.

Of the 161 employees who participated in the latest Coaching and Development Survey, over 91 percent indicated that their last coaching session with their manager was high quality or mostly high quality. These results demonstrated that most employees are having meaningful coaching and development sessions with their managers. Managers will continue to receive ongoing training to ensure all employees have the opportunity for meaningful conversations around performance and development while keeping the focus on our culture.

Further employee development work will be done to better identify what our Cultural Beliefs look like in action. The next EX team will focus on identifying actions that exemplify our Cultural Beliefs of Speak Up, Expand Excellence, Get Clear, Learn From It, Grow Together and Act Now.

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