Teams Work Makes the Dream Work

How employees continued business without interruption in the face of extraordinary disruption.

It’s not often that you get to say that the world changed overnight, but for CQuence Health Group, that’s exactly what happened last March. When the decision was made to have all employees work from home in order to limit the risk of COVID-19, our IT and operations teams kicked into gear to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Thanks to the dedication of our team and a fortuitous recent commitment to fully embrace the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and other digital software, CQ, Cassling and Ensocare were uniquely situated to embrace remote work and continue business operations unhindered by technological limitations.

That’s not to say that there weren’t adjustments. Such a sudden shift to fully online functionality necessarily meant people needed to learn to navigate the new normal. Kitchen tables were hastily transformed into de facto workspaces. Parents had to learn to juggle work with the sudden closure of schools and daycare. And internet connections became more crucial than ever, with some individuals needing to completely reconfigure their subscriptions in order to gain the speeds necessary for video calls, large file transfers and more.

This is where our IT team members Randy Wobig, Nate Tippets, Barclay Stebbins and Mark Petersen really stepped up. They fielded requests from across the company and across the country, working diligently to troubleshoot remote IT problems that had no easy solutions.

CQuence continues to adjust best practices and work processes to reflect the ongoing situation. Headquarters is currently open to team members who prefer to work in an office environment, with temperature scans, personnel limits, social distancing guidelines, and free masks and hand sanitizer available to boost protection from the virus. The team will continue to monitor case trends and local and federal mandates in order to provide a safe environment.

At CQuence, we pride ourselves on our willingness to embrace change. 2020 has put that cultural belief into practice like no other time in our company’s history, and the flexibility our team has shown speaks volumes of our ability to meet any challenge thrown our way.

We’d love to hear from you! Have ideas about how we can continue to support remote work during the pandemic and beyond? Share your questions, suggestions or ideas in the comments below.

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