Team Members Thrive in Scavenger Hunt Competition

In an era of social distancing, employees at our family of companies still found a way to get outside and work together during our third quarter wellness challenge – a scavenger hunt organized by our Thrive Wellbeing Committee!

“We were having a blast!” said Tammy Nelson, Sales Contract Manager at Cassling. “It was such a fun challenge because we could still social distance outside, and it also broke up the norm of staying in due to COVID.”

Participants in this team-based competition received a list of various outdoor scavenger hunt items to find each week. To earn points, team members and their families had to send in a picture of themselves with an item from the list.

“The photo contest really helped connect everyone together because we were all working remotely,” said Parker Stock, Regional Sales Director at Ensocare. “There are a lot of elements I miss about going into the office, especially the social interaction you get with your peers. With these activities, we’re not only getting that social interaction, but we’re also getting the opportunity to interact with everyone who works under the CQuence umbrella.”

The category for the scavenger hunt list changed from one week to the next and included plants, animals and various landmarks like mountains and the ocean.

“This challenge was really fun and interactive,” said Lisa Morris, Senior Accounting Analyst. “We went to a lot of the parks around town and even drove around in the country to find some of the items.”

Teams worked together to divide and conquer the list in an effort to achieve the highest score. Points were earned as follows:

  • One point for each picture of an item and a team member (an employee or family member had to be in the picture).
  • One extra point if the person was holding the Thrive banner in the photo.

Two “open items” were available each week. If the photo for the open item fit in the category, the picture counted for another point. The team with the most points at the end of four weeks won reimbursement for the purchase of a park pass, fishing license, zoo membership or similar expenditure up to $40.

“Seeing other people’s photos and their family members participating in the challenge was really fun,” said Lisa. “We got to see coworkers that we hadn’t seen since we started working remotely.”

Not only did the team with the most points at the end of the challenge receive a prize, but there were also prizes each week for the picture that received the most likes.

“My daughter and I had so much fun doing this together,” said Amritha Shetty, Principle Software Engineer at Ensocare. “The first week, my daughter won the photo contest, so that made her even more enthusiastic about getting the rest of the pictures.”

One of the photo contest winners, a picture of a scuba diver, was especially impressive. As it turns out, Service Product Sales Executive Michelle Lowenstein is also a certified open water scuba diver and her husband is a certified scuba instructor. Michelle was able to put on her scuba gear and jump into her pool to get the winning photo.

“The scavenger hunt was really fun because it made you want to get out of the house and go do different things than you normally do,” said Michelle. “My husband and I really enjoyed it.”

A photo of a scuba diver wasn’t the only difficult item to find on the scavenger hunt list. Employees also competed to photograph a harbor seal, buffalo and elk. Team members rose to the occasion, capturing a photo of every item on the list throughout the challenge.

Stay tuned for our next wellness challenge as we head into the final months of 2020!

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