Stress Less Week Helps CQ Employees Enjoy the Holiday Season

Stress Less Week Gift WrappingHolidays can be the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, they can also be the most stressful.

Surveys confirm that stress is prevalent across all age groups. A 2015 Healthline survey showed 65 percent of gen Xers reported feeling stressed, with baby boomers at 62 percent and millennials 61 percent.

When you think about it, the causes are obvious. Increased spending, interrupted routines, family drama, last-minute shopping, pressure to give the perfect gift, navigating travel plans, less healthy eating and fitness habits, and feeling guilty after reflecting on what our New Year’s Resolution will be.

One way CQuence Health Group supports our employees is by offering an annual tradition called, “Stress Less Week.” It is planned each year by the CQuence Thrive Wellbeing Committee and includes something special every day to reduce stress during the holidays. Last week, dozens of employees took part in various activities.

The week started off with free massages from certified masseuses. Over the course of two days, the hectic nature of the holidays melted away for those who opted to indulge in this service.

Next was a free Starbucks gift card. Everyone was wide awake the next morning and ready to tackle the day!

On Thursday, a representative from Aetna Health Insurance was onsite to provide an educational seminar that offered tips and tricks to simplify and de-stress your life.

One of the big culprits for stress is clutter. Not just in our physical spaces at home or work, but in our digital world.  Digital clutter has become a new phenomenon. Think of all those apps and alerts you have on your phone. Could you disconnect for a day?

And don’t forget emotional clutter. We often overlook the internal clutter we carry with us. Negative thoughts and grudges drain our energy and keep us stuck in the past.

We all carry some stress. I would challenge you to think about the things that take up unnecessary space in your mind and heart and take out anything that doesn’t help you live the life you want.

The last day of Stress Less Week is always my favorite: Christmas present wrapping time! (I’m always surprised when people tell me how much they hate wrapping. I love to wrap!) The committee members bring in all the supplies and wrap the gifts employees bring in. Free gift-wrapping is always appreciated by our employees. It saves them so much time, which is an important part of removing stress.

We wouldn’t be able to put on these activities if not for the charitable actions of the CQuence Thrive Wellbeing Committee, who made it all possible. This is just one example of why CQuence, Cassling and Ensocare are great places to work. I hope you’ll take some of these ideas back to your workplace and create new, innovative ways to make your office a great place to work too!

Kathy Sullivan
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Kathy Sullivan is Vice President of Marketing for CQuence Health Group and its partner companies. Kathy has 28 years of diverse experience in the field of marketing and business development. Kathy received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and completed the Stanford University Graduate School of Business executive education program.

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