Stress Less Week Brings Holiday Relaxation to the CQ Team

Stress-Less-Gift-WrappingThe holidays are a time of celebration and family togetherness, but the season is also unquestionably one of the most stressful times of the year. Travel-planning, gift-wrapping, food-prepping: all this and more can make even the most holly jolly among us stressed out at one point or another.

That’s why, every year in time for the holidays, CQuence Health Group hosts Stress Less Week, an event that, as you can probably tell based on its name, attempts to take away some of the stress inherent to the holiday season.

This year’s event took place December 10-14 and was filled with activities designed to bring some balance to everyone, especially the most frazzled along us.

Massages Galore

This year’s Stress Less Week was bookended by days where team members could schedule an appointment with a licensed massage therapist.

Spots filled up fast as employees sought to take a break from the workday and indulge in some rest and relaxation. For many, it proved the perfect opportunity to loosen some of the tension of the holidays. Numerous team members remarked about how great it was to have a nice break in the middle of the day, whether to jumpstart the week on Monday or to bring it to a satisfying close on Friday.

The Gift That Keeps on Gifting

The week was also filled with pre-planned and surprise giveaways to team members from throughout the CQuence Health Group family of companies, which includes Cassling and Ensocare.

Every team member received a Starbucks gift card they could use to indulge in their preferred beverage any time they required caffeine therapy in the lead-up to the holidays (the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha definitely hit the spot!).

In addition, persons who work off-site were treated to daily drawings with an assortment of prizes on the line. This included restaurant gift cards, movie passes, massages and more.

Stress Less Starbucks Gift Card


My personal favorite portion of Stress Less Week has to be the epic feast held in the middle of the week to get us over Hump Day in style.

The Thrive Committee, responsible for developing initiatives that support a healthy work-life balance (including Stress Less Week itself), hosted a Chipotluck event, and you can probably guess what that entailed. Chipotle was catered in for all team members, and team members themselves were able to contribute, if they so chose, by bringing a sharable dessert to the event.

It was a great chance for everyone to stop what they were doing and come together with their colleagues in various departments to share a meal and get to know each other a little better. And the myriad desserts on hand definitely didn’t hurt.

Wrapping Up

Perhaps the best stress reducer of the week, however, was the availability of free gift-wrapping services.

It worked like this: persons who still had some wrapping to do could bring their gifts in to the Cassling warehouse, where volunteer team members were standing by to bring their expert wrapping skills to bear. You could bring three gifts, no matter how big or small. By lunchtime, they were available for pick-up in pristine wrapping condition, ready to be deposited beneath the Christmas tree.

This was a big timesaver for many, and for the late shoppers, it also turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to snoop on the hot holiday items that there might still be time to run out and buy.

Stress: Lessened

It might not be possible to conquer stress entirely this holiday season, but the events put on by the Thrive Committee certainly help ease the burden.

There was something for everyone, and hopefully this article will even inspire other companies to give back to any employees who give so much each and every day to customers.

Have a Happy (and Stress-Free!) Holidays from all of us at CQuence Health Group!

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