Solutions, Friendliness at the Core of Michelle Heaton’s 20 Years of Service

michelleheatonheadshotA lot happens behind the scenes to ensure the equipment we provide remains in pristine condition, that customers receive exceptional service and that Field Service Engineers have the tools they need to get a machine back up and running in the shortest time possible.

That’s where Cassling’s Service Operations department comes in. And with Michelle Heaton, Service Analyst, lending her expertise and friendly personality to customers and colleagues alike, it’s easy to see why anyone who comes into contact with Service Operations is in good hands.

“When Michelle hears a team member needs assistance, she gladly lends a helping hand, even when she has a busy workload,” said Lili Shim, Service Operations Manager. “Over the years, Michelle has built positive relationships with our Field Service Engineers, coworkers and various individuals at Siemens, which is evident when I hear their feedback. Michelle’s ‘happy to help’ attitude is appreciated by so many of her colleagues.”

This idea is seconded by Carol Armitage, Vice President of Operations.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle for the last 10 of her 20 years here at Cassling,” said Carol. “Her dedication to excellent customer service is the best around. Whether it be working with internal customers, external customers, Siemens or vendors, she is always looking to make them part of the solution and never views anyone as the problem.”

As Michelle celebrates 20 years of providing solutions and a positive spirit both inside and outside of Cassling headquarters, those who know her best had plenty to say about their time working with Michelle.

Some, like Bobbi Poe, Contract Specialist, have only worked with her directly for a short time but have still appreciated her presence.

“I just recently moved from Sales Support to the Service Department and Michelle has been very welcoming and helpful,” said Bobbi. “I’ve only worked with her the last three months, but she has been great!”

Others, like Billing Specialist Dana Downs, have worked with Michelle for their entire Cassling careers, and they have the stories (and the laughs) to prove it.

“When I started in 2000,” said Dana, “Michelle and I were sitting in a cube and I whacked my knee, it was the most uncomfortable thing you can do, but we laughed about it and it’s something we still remember to this day.”

“There’s always stories, always something going on,” continued Dana. “Michelle is just fun. She really keeps you going through the day. I’ve even gotten to know her family outside of work: our girls have grown up together, they went to the same home daycare and everything. Michelle really is an absolute pleasure to work with and to know as a friend.”

Lili also spoke about how willing Michelle is to take the lead on new projects and what a difference that positive attitude is for the team:

“Michelle has been actively involved in our transition to our new field software. From her input during the build phase to the training of the RSMs’ teams, troubleshooting and beyond, Michelle has made countless contributions to ensure the successful deployment of FieldCare.”

For two decades, Michelle has been instrumental in helping Cassling achieve outstanding service for FSEs and clients. And for that, everyone at Cassling offers congratulations and our most sincere thanks!

“Thank you, Michelle, for exemplifying Cassling’s cultural belief of ‘expanding excellence!’” – Lili Shim

“Congratulations on 20 years, and I look forward to the next 20 with you!” – Carol Armitage

“I love Michelle, she is a wonderful friend! Thank you for everything you do!” – Misty Green, Installation Specialist

“Michelle is a true asset to Cassling. Her experience and willingness to go aboveand beyond for virtually anyone in the company is the epitome of good service. She is a very giving and selfless teammate and anyone who is lucky enough to work with her can tell you the same. Happy Anniversary Michelle!” – McKenzie Jones, former Service and Parts Coordinator

Michelle Heaton with McKenzie

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