Passion for Wellness, Love for Animals Drive This CQ Team Member

CASA Superhero RunTeam members at CQuence Health Group headquarters know if they want a snack, they can head to the kitchen and help themselves to a number of free healthy treats: fruits and vegetables, salads, eggs, cheese and other proteins, juice, sparkling waters and low and zero calorie sodas.

But who’s responsible for actually making sure the food being stocked supports wellness and then purchases and supplies those items every single week?

For that, we have Nancy Korbitz, Senior Administrative Assistant, to thank.

For the last five years, Nancy has been heavily involved in all sorts of endeavors throughout the company. As a member of the Thrive Wellbeing Committee, Nancy and her peers are instrumental in shaping the conversation surrounding health and wellness for our company.

The Right Fit for Wellness

One of the things that first signaled to Nancy she was in the right place was CQ’s commitment to employees, particularly its wellness initiatives. In fact, wellness had been Nancy’s passion since well before CQuence Health Group landed on her radar.

“When I was in college, I wanted to go into corporate fitness,” said Nancy. “I went to Lincoln and, at the time, they said, ‘There’s no future in that.’ I looked at my counselor, somewhat shocked. She said, ‘you need to go into teaching, or you need to get into community health programs like the American Heart Association.’”

“And now wellness is everywhere! So CQ is a great fit. I love working here. Wellness is a great added benefit, to do something I’m passionate about.”

Nancy, Jess, and AmrithaFor Nancy, wellness is truly personal. Her father passed away from Alzheimer’s, and her mother has now been diagnosed with it as well.

“I think there are a lot of things they could have changed in their lives that would have possibly kept those Alzheimer’s genes from turning on. That’s what’s driving me and why I want to be healthy. I don’t want my kids to have to put me in a nursing home.”

This is one chief reason why she’s so enthusiastic about the various programs in place at CQuence Health Group, as well as why she immediately volunteered to stock the kitchen with all manner of healthy snacks each and every week. But that’s only the start; Nancy encourages her family and her coworkers to take part in charity runs, exercise daily at the on-site gym and do whatever else they can to remain sound in mind and body.

“Our health is so important,” she said. “And we can improve our health with the food we eat. If we can get that message out to everybody here—that little changes can lower your blood pressure and prevent a lot of disease—we can help make our employees a little bit happier and healthier.”

Nancy believes making wellness more inviting through contests, with incentives for the winners and participants, is critical.

“I like the wellness challenges we do to keep us all motivated and moving. It gets competitive and that’s fun. There’s some playful banter back and forth. I like that the wellness challenges get me out there and get me going. People love to do that.”

Another way to get people motivated is through charity.

“CQuence started the charity challenge this year and I think it’s great because, yes, it’s a competition for everybody, but we’re all trying to work together to make money for a good cause. Those have actually been our most successful challenges. We did one last summer and the winning team got to pick the charity. People were really trying because helping somebody else inspired them to work even harder.”

Nancy's Son Holding Bear the DogDog Days

In addition to wellness, there’s another cause that’s near and dear to Nancy’s heart as well: animals.

Nancy has two dogs: Izzy and Bear. And Bear, a Rottweiler Collie mix, has a condition that requires very particular care.

“He has megaesophagus,” said Nancy, “so his esophagus is huge and it can’t contract around the food. He has to stand up on the table and I have to feed him almost like meatballs of food, and then you have to hold him for 20 minutes. Because otherwise he aspirates.”

This condition is quite serious and requires serious dedication on Nancy’s part, but as you can see from the photos, she and her family are more than up to the task. Thanks to their commitment, Bear, who was only expected to live to be about two years old, is now eight and as happy as ever – even if they have to watch him at the back door.

“He can jump a six-foot fence, so I have to take him out on a leash night and day. My boys are home from college this week and I warned them that Bear can get out the back door if a board is not in place and will jump the fence. I don’t think they believed he still had it in him! Sure enough, I came home to Bear in the neighbor’s backyard. They did not even know he went out! He is a crafty dog.”

Nancy’s love for dogs is such that she even started her own business dedicated to them.

“It was really cold one day and I was walking the dog and I thought: this is great out here! I would love to walk dogs all the time. So I built a little website and I got a bunch of clients that way. But then I realized I couldn’t really grow it further because I was going into people’s houses and wasn’t comfortable hiring. You’re giving the keys to someone and I just wasn’t comfortable with that.”

Thankfully, Nancy found a place at CQuence Health Group that lets her explore her passion for wellness and even provides Volunteer Time Off to contribute to animal-related charities or donate her time to other nonprofits!

Nancy and CQ at TogetherPeople Person

When asked about her favorite part about working at CQuence Health Group besides the wellness benefits or the commitment to volunteerism, Nancy points to something else you hear quite a bit around here: her colleagues.

“I just love the people. I enjoy coming to work every day. I’ve made so many friends here, and they’re in all different areas. It’s great that we can all get along and you can find common interests with different people. It’s a great place.”

“My manager will ask me, ‘do you want to do something different? What do you want to do? What’s next?’ So it’s not like, ‘Okay, this is your desk, this is where you’re going to stay.’ They give you options. I think that’s great.”

To that end, Nancy would like to continue her nutritional streak in an even bigger way in the future.

“I’d like to be able to show people some different ways, not just diets, but ways of eating healthier. We could have an expert come in and demonstrate how you can cook something really easy and facilitate healthy living for you and your kids. I’d like to get more of that in here.”

We have no doubt she will succeed with that, and team members at CQuence Health Group will wind up even healthier as a result!


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