Meet Our Partners

What unites our partner companies and drives our team members is that we’re all learning, thriving and striving together to make a meaningful difference in healthcare. The products and services we deliver ultimately improve patient care. So there’s always a feeling of doing something really good every day.

A Singular Focus on Improving Patient Outcomes

CQuence Health Group - Improving Patient Outcomes

CQuence Health Group partner companies each have particular niches within the industry, ranging from imaging equipment to healthcare technology and software. Despite their different business models, our partners demonstrate the same desire to do important and rewarding work, in a company we can proudly claim as our own. Learn about partner services

Meet the Industry Leaders in Our Portfolio

Currently, CQuence Health Group has two partner companies, as well as a healthcare investment portfolio. Employees may work for CQuence Health Group, which is the parent company; for Cassling, a diagnostic imaging equipment company; or Ensocare, a leading provider of healthcare technology software solutions.


Cassling is an Advanced Partner of Siemens Healthineers and an authorized full-line sales representative of Siemens diagnostic imaging equipment throughout the Midwest and portions of the Southern and Western United States. Cassling also provides repair and preventive maintenance in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, and has experienced field service engineers located in six Midwestern states. Learn more


Ensocare helps manage patient care transitions, reduce length of stay and reduce readmissions. Hospitals and payers integrate Ensocare’s software with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms to encourage patient compliance, build operational efficiencies and improve patient and family satisfaction. Learn more

When I joined 34 years ago, I found in Bob Cassling the values and beliefs of somebody that were in line with my own. Over the years, this company has stayed true to its customers and employees, and I’m proud to still be part of that.

Kevin Kraciun

Field Service Engineer, Cassling

Healthcare is changing so fast. There are so many opportunities for us now. It really gives us the opportunity to say, ‘look, what are the things we ought to be doing to be the best possible company we can be?’ And then we’re small enough, fast enough, nimble enough to change and pivot and go take advantage of those opportunities.

Kyle Salem

Chief of Staff, CQuence Health Group

The main reason I’ve remained for over 30 years and I believe others have as well, is the outstanding level of leadership in this company. And by leaders, I’m not necessarily referring to those of us with titles, but the many employees who lead by example, striving for excellence and calling others to do the same each and every day.

Joe Matthews

Vice President of Service, Cassling