How CQuence Health Lost 122 Pounds of Body Fat

A case study on the impact of employee wellness

CQuence incentive program stats - weight loss statisticsAt CQuence Health Group, we offer our employees a full menu of wellness activities that make achieving personal health goals fun, rewarding and memorable. The corporate program springs forth from an employee-managed wellbeing committee branded as “Thrive.” The committee meets regularly to develop incentives, create fun challenges and evaluate existing wellness offerings so all employees have multiple opportunities to thrive not just in their job roles, but in all aspects of their lives.

The first incentive of 2017 was a 12-week Macro Challenge which focused on learning about and counting macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) instead of counting calories. The goal was to learn how to eat more of the right things. Forty employees accepted the challenge. To kick things off, each employee received a 7-point caliper test to measure body fat percentage and confidential one-on-one coaching from a certified nutritionist and a representative of Compete Personal Fitness. Each participant’s macro-based nutrition goals were customized to that individual’s objectives, activity level, age and body composition. Throughout the program, Compete Personal Fitness hosted regular lunch and learns on-site that focused on nutrition, exercise and sticking to personal goals.

“I have learned that spices are everything. I never knew that investing in good spices would truly be a game changer when trying to stay consistent with a diet.”
Maggie McGlade-Palmer, CMP, Marketing Event Strategist CQuence Health Group

Eat Fit Go Healthy MealsThe challenge incorporated optional discounted macro-based meals from Eat Fit Go that were pre-ordered by each employee and delivered to the office each week. Eat Fit Go was the perfect meal match for our program because meals contain the right balance of protein, carbs and fat and are made fresh daily, low in sodium and free of preservatives. The meals are pre-measured, cooked, chopped and ready to reheat.

“I am definitely a lot more aware of what I eat, how much protein, carbs and fat that I should eat a day at the level I am at. Also knowing that the more I start to incorporate more exercises into my daily routine that I might have to adjust my protein, carbs, and fats to continue seeing results.”
Lisa Morris, Senior Accounting Analyst, CQuence Health Group

Throughout the 12-week program, employees tracked their daily macros in a convenient app. Each Eat Fit Go meal had a label with the amount of protein, carbs and fat as well as a bar code that could be scanned and sent to the app. We offered multiple lunch and learns so employees could ask questions, share their best macro tip or recipe and o er encouragement to one another. Midway through the program, employees had another one-on-one check-in to monitor progress and modify goals as needed.

“What works best for me is planning my week by getting all my groceries the weekend before. I cook ground turkey/beef and chicken breasts and then cut into cubes in advance and freeze them so I have ready for a quick meal.”
Sandi Kanger, Senior Staff Accountant, CQuence Health Group

Eat Fit Go Vending Machine at CQuence Health GroupA combination of three components made this wellness program a success. First, we provided nutrition education, then we added the convenience of having healthy foods delivered and, lastly, we held employees accountable for tracking macros consumed each day. Vice President of Human Resources Bruce Stec said “The goal was to learn new eating behaviors that would last a lifetime.”

More than 1,300 Eat Fit Go Meals were purchased throughout the challenge by CQuence Health Group employees. Many weren’t even involved in the challenge, they just wanted healthy meals. As a result, we installed the country’s first Eat Fit Go vending machine to allow employees to continue to enjoy the convenience of healthy eating. “Eat Fit Go’s model of real food with no preservatives or added ingredients creates more options for people to take control of their own health,” said Eat Fit Go co-founder Sam Vakhidov.

“I really enjoyed this program! I made some big changes to my diet and saw great results! I’m planning to keep the momentum going! Thanks for putting this on!”
Ali Gambino, Senior Designer, CQuence Health Group

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