Latest Wellness Incentive Teaches How ‘Nutritious’ Can Be ‘Delicious’

Farmers Market Healthy EatingThe conversation around CQuence Health Group this summer has been all about smart, healthy eating.

The Thrive Wellbeing Committee put together a number of educational presentations centered on the important role nutrition plays in a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. In addition to these activities and a nutrition-based wellbeing incentive, people from across CQ have been sharing their favorite recipes, plant-based and otherwise, that just so happen to be healthy too.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last couple months!

Lunching and Learning

Our delicious, nutritious summer kicked off in earnest with an educational presentation from one of our very own employees.

Amanda Butzke, an Ensocare Account Executive and a certified Health Coach in her free time, was on hand to talk about getting back to basics when it comes to eating. She discussed her own experience learning how to read food labels (which can sometimes be a trickier endeavor than it may seem!) and identifying the healthy items she’s comfortable feeding to her family.

During the lunch and learn, Amanda handed out green, red and yellow cards to attendees and then challenged them to guess which foods were unhealthy, healthy or if it depended on the circumstance or type of food. Participants had a fun time figuring out what was a “Go” and “No Go” food, and it was somewhat shocking to learn which traditionally “healthy” foods may not be the best choice depending on each individual’s needs.

The following week, CQ welcomed yet another speaker. Melissa Sherlock, Food for Life instructor, presented on the health benefits that can come from switching to a plant-based diet. Again, participants were surprised by some of the findings, and one of the coolest things we learned was how it’s possible to make a tasty meal out of ingredients you might overlook if you’re not in the right mindset.

(Melissa had one great secret weapon when it comes to maintaining a plant-based diet: hummus.)

Educational presentations such as these have proven increasingly popular, and our team members have shown a definite willingness to embrace the lessons learned. What’s great is we also have a refrigerator fully stocked with healthy snack items for people to take advantage of during the workday.

CQ Salad BarTaking It to The Next Level

But we didn’t want it to just end there. These nutrition chats acted as a kickoff to a month-long wellbeing incentive that challenged participants to more closely analyze their own eating habits. The incentive also provided education on nutrition and a forum to share tips and tricks.

Team members who took part started by filling out an assessment of their eating habits at the beginning and the end of the challenge so they could see if they made any adjustments over time. Then, the Thrive Wellbeing Committee, as well as challenge participants, supplied a variety of educational tips focused on different nutrition-related topics.

But perhaps the most fun part was seeing people share their own recipes for a healthy diet. Some were plant-based, some were so delicious and indulgent that you wouldn’t believe they could be healthy, while many others took a traditional recipe and substituted a key ingredient with something else to make the dish a perfect item for the whole family to share. My personal favorite may just have to be CQ’s Creative Service Manager Justin Eggspuehler’s Pizza Spaghetti Pie!

At the end of the activity, three winners were given a gift card to either Whole Foods or Fresh Thyme.

A New Perspective

At CQ, we know nutritious eating can mean different things to different people based on personal preference or health concerns. The goal of experiences like these is really just to get team members to see the different approaches to a healthy lifestyle that are out there.

The idea of a vegan lifestyle or healthy eating in general can seem a little intimidating at first. But we hope that by providing this education, our employees can see nutrition in a different light, one that focuses more on what’s possible than on telling you what you can’t have.

The Thrive Wellbeing Committee will continue to host wellness events, and in the meantime, we know the next headquarters potluck will be FANTASTIC!

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