Husband-Wife Team Bring Water to Those in Need

Duane and Rebecca Losh

CQuence Health Group will cover the registration fees of all employees and their families who participate in World Vision’s Global 6K for Water, an organization near and dear to Rebecca Losh and her husband, Cassling Field Service Engineer Duane Losh. Start now at

In workplaces around the country, we take the availability of water for granted. Even here at our own office, a water cooler is always just a cubicle or two away.

But Rebecca and Duane Losh understand how challenging it is for persons in communities around the world to gain access to water. For decades, Rebecca has been deeply involved in a charity called World Vision, which works to bring clean water to the developing world. After they were married, Duane, a Cassling Field Service Engineer, also became involved in this cause.

Recently, both Rebecca and Duane shared their story of becoming invested in World Vision’s mission and how, for the first time ever, employees of CQuence Health Group can get involved in the upcoming Global 6K for Water at no cost to them.

A Vision for a Better World

“World Vision is the largest non-governmental supplier of clean water around the world,” said Rebecca. “They’re supplying clean water in almost 100 countries right now.”

“Their model is community development, which is really quite unique for organizations that provide clean water. World Vision starts with the clean water, moves on to sanitation and hygiene, and then after that there is so much free time for women and children. Children can go to school, women can take care of their families, they can start businesses, dads can go to work; that’s just the beginning of a generational effect of providing clean water.”

A Commitment Passed Down through Generations

One of the ways World Vision’s mission is possible is through a sponsorship program that gets people around the world to participate in this worthwhile cause. This is actually how Rebecca herself got involved in the organization.

“My mom started sponsoring children through World Vision when I was a kid,” said Rebecca, “and I’ve been involved ever since. When you sponsor a child, you not only get to help that child, their family and their community, you also get a pen pal-type relationship.”

“Growing up, I always had my adopted sibling that I could write letters to, which personally connected me with a child who was growing up in a completely different world than I was. Having those seeds planted early on inspired me to raise my own family in the same way. Duane and I started sponsoring kids shortly after we were married.”

“Being connected to this organization helped me go from living a self-centered life to thinking of others,” said Duane. “Currently, I sponsor a 13-year old girl in Haiti and we both share the same birthday. When my birthday comes around, it’s Djeica’s birthday, too, and I actually have an opportunity to donate a little extra.”

“When our children were growing up, we matched them with a child close to their age,” said Rebecca. “It has had a great impact on their character development, and overall is a great way to influence families for generations to come. Just like clean water has a generational impact, it does on your own family too when you do something like this.”

“Both of our kids have several children that they sponsor,” said Duane. “Our son, Caleb, is putting a roof on one of his kids’ house in the Dominican Republic, and it’s likely he’ll go there and meet him. Our daughter, Rebecca, recently met one of our sponsored children in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and actually got to wrap her arms around her.”

Rebecca keeps a memory book full of letters, photos and yearly reports showing the different children her family has sponsored and the way they’ve grown over the years.

“These sponsored children are like an extended family of ours,” said Duane.

DuaneThe 6K

The Global 6K for Water represents a gateway for people to learn about the plight of children around the world and to see firsthand how they as individuals can do something to make a difference.

“The significance of ‘6K’ is that’s the typical distance these women and children walk to get water,” said Rebecca. “It isn’t even clean water; it’s dirty water that will make them sick. The Global 6k for Water is an amazing opportunity to bring clean water to children in communities and developing countries.”

“Every $50 registration brings clean water to one child, and every registrant gets a picture of the actual child that will get clean water through their participation. This is far-reaching; there are people in Germany, Australia and all over the world who are registering to participate in the 6K.”

The race takes place on Saturday, May 19. In Omaha, the official host site is the Walnut Creek Recreation Area in Papillion, but it’s important to realize that you can participate from anywhere and still support a child in need.

“It’s a walk and run,” said Duane, “so you don’t have to be a runner.”

“Plus, there will be an opportunity to experience what it’s actually like to go 6K carrying water,” said Rebecca. “We’ll have some jerrycans with 5 gallons of water available.”

RebeccaCQ Commitment

Inspired by the Loshs’ passion and commitment to this cause, Mike Cassling has involved CQuence Health Group in a big way. We’re hosting a team of employees and families to participate in the May 19 race, rallying support and paying the registration fee for every single employee, spouse and child that signs up.

“I’m just blown away that CQuence is involved this year and willing to cover the registration fees,” said Rebecca. “That’s just amazing.”

“In turn, women and children are going to get clean water,” said Duane.

“And you don’t have to be in Omaha to do this!” said Rebecca. “You can also sign up and commit to walking or running a 6K wherever you are. That’s another exciting thing that CQuence is doing by providing it company-wide.”

“When you register, you get a race bib with a photo of the child that you will be walking or running for to receive clean water. If you want to then build a relationship with the child, you can do so by sponsoring him or her.”

Make a Difference

Duane and Rebecca encourage all CQuence employees to join the team by visiting (The invitation to participate doesn’t stop there, so tell your extended family,  friends and neighbors as well!) Whether together in Omaha or on a different route anywhere in the country or the world, CQuence plans to field an energetic team to support this cause.

“I’m very blessed to work for a community like CQuence that wants to be involved not only in our community but around the world,” said Duane.

“I was thinking of what Mike Cassling had written in the internal newsletter this month,” said Rebecca. “He talked about how his dad, Bob, founded the company, and I thought about how that has impacted our community. The patients, customers, employees and employees’ families that have been touched; it goes on for generations. It’s really cool that CQuence is doing something here to impact generations around the world.

Duane sums things up well. “The legacy of Bob Cassling. Very nice.”

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