Giving Thanks: CQ Wellness Incentive Brings Attention to Mindfulness

Lynn with KiddoMay is Mental Health Month, an important event that brings awareness to a component of wellness overlooked all too often.

The Thrive Wellbeing Committee is dedicated to helping team members of CQuence Health Group embrace wellness in body, mind and soul, but even we sometimes focus perhaps too much on the physical aspect of health. It’s important not to disregard the many factors outside of fitness that can play such an integral role in our wellbeing.

That’s why, this spring, we decided to change things up a bit. In the past, we’ve focused on step tracking, activity contests and more. We have no plans to stop doing those things, but we took a different approach with our spring challenge, inviting people from throughout the CQuence Health Group family of companies to fill out daily gratitude journals. Provided free of charge to employees and their immediate family members, these journals provided a fresh perspective for team members to see the variety of good things going on in their lives.

This was a positive, 30-day journaling experience, and it could be anything the participants wanted it to be. They could write a quick note of thanks for the nice weather or they could opt for a multi-page declaration of everything making life great.

It was the familial aspect of this challenge that our team members really enjoyed. Lynn Owen, HR Business Partner, has been filling out her journal at home with her daughter and said that it helps her to shut out the noise around her.

Gratitude Journal“It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of life and focus on the negative,” said Lynn. “The journal really makes me stop and think about the things I’m grateful for. It takes a conscious effort to relax, calm your mind and see the many gifts life has to offer. I especially enjoy seeing what my 6-year-old has been writing down. It puts it all in perspective and reminds me to appreciate the small things.”

Misty Green, Cassling Installation Specialist, has been journaling on a daily basis with her son.

“Each night, he is the one reminding me to slow down and see the joy in the small things,” she said. “I appreciate that the Thrive committee encourages us to be healthy and reminds us that it is not just about physical wellness. The mind and emotional wellbeing are just as important.

On top of journaling, this “Mindfully Well” incentive encouraged participants to take time each day for Self-Care. This could include anything from taking a walk, going sugar-free for a day or performing a random act of kindness. Lynn and her daughter have been turning off the television and spending more time outside (when the weather allows). Misty has been enjoying daily walks, listening to more music and allotting space in her mornings for quiet time.

We are so happy that this incentive is being received so well, and we encourage our team members to keep at it long after the incentive is done. I think we’ve found that taking just a little bit of time out of our days to shut out the negativity and embrace something positive can make a world of difference.

This is an important lesson for Mental Health Month, not to mention the rest of the calendar year.

MIndfully Well

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