From Typewriters and Film to Apps and the Cloud: How One CQ Team Member Embraced the Digital Age

Barclay with Old School TechIn order to be a team member at CQuence Health Group, being okay with change is an absolute necessity for the job.

We’re big on change here at CQ, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the evolution of some of our companies. In fact, if you really want to know how far CQ has come over the years, you could do no better than getting to know some of the people who have been here for upwards of a couple decades.

Barclay Stebbins is one such team member. Currently, he’s the Management Information Systems Administrator for all of CQuence Health Group, but it wasn’t always that way.

Barclay initially began his CQ career at Cassling, one of CQ’s partner companies. And long before he came to CQuence Health Group, Barclay had shown a willingness to adapt to changing times, a skill that’s positioned him well for success across many different industries. That, and his attention to customer service.

“I’ve always been a customer-oriented person,” said Barclay. “Even going back to my last eight years in my military career, I was taking care of officers, making sure they had what they needed for their pre-flight and all the planning for their different missions.”

In fact, his work in the Air Force is where Barclay really got his first glimpse at what was then a burgeoning IT field.

“They threw us administrators into the IT world by taking away this old machine, a cassette-powered typewriter,” he said. “They came in one day and put this computer on my desk. Monitor, keyboard, a mouse. I was kind of intrigued until I came in one Monday morning and it wouldn’t even turn on. So I called the department to come in and fix it, and one of the guys says ‘this is easy,’ and pulls the case off and starts showing me where things are. ‘This is the power supply, and here’s some memory and here’s your hard drive and here’s the connections and blah, blah, blah.’”

That moment left a mark on Barclay, who admitted that it was “game on” for his interest in information technology. He developed a variety of computer skills over time. From his career in the Air Force, Barclay transitioned to a few different civilian settings, appreciating any opportunity to put his IT problem-solving skills to the test.

At one particular insurance company, he became somewhat infamous for his ability to tinker with a system until he could get it to do precisely what employees needed it to do. It was this ingenuity that landed him on the radar of Rita Vetter, the spouse of one of Cassling’s very first executives.

“The ladies next door had heard about me and little did I know that one of them was Ken Vetter’s spouse. Rita had mentioned something about her printer being broke. So Barclay takes the bait. I made a house call, met Ken Vetter and we had a very nice conversation.”

“Ken was cool, he is an amazing man, he really is. He’s very easy to talk to about anything at any level, and I was impressed with him. He was such a super nice guy. And he said, ‘you know, we might have an opening at our company, come down for an interview.’ And here we are 23 years later. There was nothing wrong with their printer, by the way.”

Barclay with Ken Vetter

Barclay with Ken Vetter

The Evolution of a Company

If you were to visit Cassling (and, in turn, CQuence Health Group) headquarters some 20-plus years ago, what you’d find would be quite different from today. At the time, Cassling still acted as a parts and equipment depot for imaging systems that coursed across the highways and byways of the Midwest, which meant loading docks everywhere and trucks going in and out around the clock.

“We had a whole fleet of people out there in the warehouse,” said Barclay. “They were building and shipping the equipment here, there were orders coming in, the whole warehouse was just racks and racks of x-ray film and tons of other stuff.”

Barclay pitched in at the warehouse, among many other things. Lots of folks did back in those days. In fact, it was this diversity of things to do in the early years of the company all the way up until now that has led him to stay with Cassling as long as he has. Eager to learn, Barclay has been there as the first laptops were ordered, the first servers installed, and the whole facility transitioned from predominantly a bustling warehouse to a full-on corporate headquarters for CQ, a company that serves and facilitates the operations for a wide variety of healthcare-oriented organizations.

Throughout that time, Barclay, like so many others at CQ, has shown a willingness to adapt to these changes and learn new skills in order to not just keep up, but thrive within whatever the new normal happened to be.

Yet despite all the change, Barclay notes it’s the people who have been the best part about working at CQuence Health Group the last 23 years.

“I’ve always enjoyed the team, they’ve always been very easy to work with. You get all the different dynamics and it’s just kind of fun to get along with all of them. You find those people that you work well with. I’ve learned a ton because I’ve been here.”

CQuence Health Group is always on the lookout for new team members ready to adapt to a fast-paced healthcare environment. View our current openings and come see what it’s like to witness the evolution of healthcare firsthand.


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