From Salad Tongs to Drum Sticks: How Wellness Stays Relevant at CQuence

CQ Salad BarAt CQuence Health Group, we are committed to promoting the wellbeing of our employees. This commitment is one source of inspiration for our Thrive Wellbeing committee, which recently revamped a few components of our program. When it comes to workplace wellness, you’d be surprised at how the simple things—even a few tweaks here and there—make all the difference.

For example, we received feedback from employees that it was time to mix up our fitness class schedule that is offered through our on-site gym. The Thrive team moved quickly to add new options, including Mixxed Fit, which combines explosive dancing and full-body toning with hip-hop music, as well as Pound, an energizing and high-intensity cardio jam that incorporates the fun of drumming. These are in addition to our bootcamp, yoga, boxing and strength classes we offer weekly.

According to Morgan Weishaar, Marketing Coordinator at CQuence Health Group, “the fitness classes here at CQuence are a great way to take a break from your desk and stay active during the day. I really like having a variety of classes because it helps change up my normal workout routine and it’s fun trying some out of the box classes.”

In addition to improvements in the gym, we also sought to update our Thrive Pantry. We don’t have the typical vending machine snacks you might see at other companies. Our pantry—stocked each week by our Thrive Wellbeing committee for all employees to enjoy—features flavored zero-calorie waters, whole fruits, pre-cut and individually portioned vegetables, snack-sized hummus, hard-boiled eggs and unsalted nuts. But we still wanted to do more.

Our team applied for and won a mini-grant offered through WELLCOM that was given to “help implement supportive policies and environmental changes that encourage employees to make healthy food/beverage choices.”

With the mini-grant, we launched a build-your-own salad bar in both of our Omaha offices. The salad bar includes fresh lettuce and spinach, lots of healthy toppings such as chopped chicken breast and shredded veggies, and low-fat dressings.

For some employees, the addition of the salad bar keeps them on track.

“Having this option available for the days I forget my lunch at home is awesome,” said Mandy Olderog, sales contract coordinator at Cassling (a CQuence partner company). “I love knowing this is available so I don’t end up in a drive-thru making a choice that would derail my goals!”

For others, it makes healthy eating more achievable.

“The addition of the salad offering is perfect to supplement my lunch,” said Bobbie Poe, service contract specialist at Cassling. “If I bought all those components, they would probably go bad before I could use them up!”

All of these little tweaks add up. In fact, CQuence Health Group was recently the recipient of the Governor’s Wellness Award, created to recognize Nebraska employers who have developed successful models for encouraging wellness at work. We couldn’t be more humbled or honored to be among the eight employers that were recognized in the Grower Award Category.

Workplace wellness requires an ever-present focus, continual updates and innovative ideas to keep it relevant and fun. But the payoff is great and, for us, the solution—like salad tongs and drum sticks—can be both simple and unique.

Bruce Stec
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Bruce Stec is Vice President of Human Resources for CQuence Health Group and its partner companies. Bruce joined CQuence in 2013 with nearly 20 years of human resources management and consulting experience. Bruce graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and has earned both his Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) certification and his Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification.

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