Ensocare Product Showcase Delights CQuence Team Members

CQuence Health Group’s partner company, Ensocare, recently had the opportunity to demonstrate the products that help manage patient care transitions for our employees across our family of companies.

As a leading provider of healthcare technology software solutions, Ensocare helps manage patient care transitions, reduce the length of a patient’s stay and reduce readmissions. Hospitals and payers integrate Ensocare’s software with existing Electronic Health Record platforms to encourage patient compliance, build operational efficiencies and improve patient and family satisfaction. The Ensocare Product Showcase displayed how all the pieces of the Ensocare ecosystem interrelate to improve care coordination for hospitals moving patients between care settings.

Ensocare Product Showcase

This opportunity allowed CQuence employees, as well as team members from partner company, Cassling, to see firsthand how the products Ensocare has created can have a direct impact on patient outcomes. Ensocare team members hosted nine product demonstrations that provided high-level overviews of the company’s latest developments in products, software, mobile apps, testing and the planning process. Everyone who attended was encouraged to fill out a “passport,” collecting stamps from each product demo to be entered to win prizes. CQuence employees also enjoyed interacting with Ensocare’s trade show booth, which travels the country to be featured at a variety of industry trade shows and conferences. 

In the marketplace, Ensocare is primarily known for its Transition app, which efficiently matches patients with the most appropriate levels and settings of care. This software allows those tasked with moving patients to care settings along the continuum to measurably decrease the time spent on administrative activities, increase the speed at which transfers of care can be achieved and better match patients with the right post-acute care providers, all from one easy-to-use platform. The convenient mobile app for both hospitals and referring facility providers features built-in tools to capture patient choice and brings efficiency and convenience to the patient referral process.

But what many of our employees were surprised to learn during this demo was the vast amount of improvements made to the app in recent months. With a brand new, intuitive interface, Transition is more user-friendly than it’s ever been. Ensocare Transition Demo

Scott Gray, Ensocare Regional Sales Director, ran through demos of the new software, highlighting the new features and the benefits they create for both hospitals and post-acute care (PAC) providers. With the ability to select from a patient list and immediately send pertinent information to a select list of PACs with fewer clicks than ever, case managers can streamline their workflows and coordinate more patients than was possible in the past.

The Ensocare Choice app demonstration also impressed our team members. Ensocare Choice is a way to engage patients in their care transition process and document the patient’s post-acute care provider of choice right at their bedside using a tablet and a drag-and-drop interface. A patient and his or her family can compare photos, reviews, locations and care specialties to make an informed choice about their post-acute care.

During this demo, employees were able to learn the difference between a regular profile and an “enhanced” profile. Post-acute providers who have elected to opt into the Choice platform can distinguish themselves with unique videos, photos and other information, which they can then update in real-time to appeal to patients.

Engineering Team-EnsocareBut it wasn’t just the updates that impressed everyone. If there was one new app that really fascinated attendees, it was Ensocare NEMT. Ensocare NEMT gives a real-time look at transportation providers in the area and allows the hospital user to create their patient request (complete with patient needs and desired pick-up time) and immediately send the request out to NEMT providers in the area. Those providers can then respond directly if they’re able to pick up the patient.

Once a NEMT provider has accepted the request, the user can track the status of the pick-up in real-time. With input from the NEMT provider, they can see if the patient is being loaded to the transport vehicle, if the vehicle is en route, if a drop-off has occurred, etc. They can even track the location of the provider on a map using the vehicle’s onboard GPS.

In this way, Ensocare NEMT provides total transparency to patient transport. In combination with Ensocare Transition, we’re really excited about the potential for reducing patient transport delays, and our team members are as well.

Exciting developments are always happening at Ensocare, and we appreciated being able to experience firsthand how the work they’re putting in is transforming care coordination. If you would like to learn more about Ensocare, please visit their website.

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