Current, Soon-to-Be Parents Celebrate New Paid Parental Leave Benefit

Jeff Getzfred and FamilyLate last year, CQuence Health Group announced Paid Parental Leave for all team members who have been with the company for 12 or more consecutive months. In order to be as welcoming as possible, the benefit provides ten weeks of Paid Time Off for both mothers and fathers.

The news, which applies to both full- and part-time employees at Ensocare, Cassling and CQuence Health Group, has been met with widespread enthusiasm.

“I think the parental leave is an absolutely amazing benefit,” said Nikki Swaink, a new mom and Customer Support Specialist at Ensocare (and, it should be noted, the first person eligible for the new benefit!). “I am beyond blessed to work for a company that is willing to give their employees a full paid ten weeks to be off with their baby.”

“I’m thrilled our organization recognizes how important this type of support is,” said Tana Phelps, CQuence Health Group Marketing Manager. “Becoming a new parent changes everything… it’s hard and challenging and at the same time wonderful and fulfilling. I was fortunate to have my manager’s support during this transition, covering my work and also encouraging me to take the time I needed, and now I’m thankful our organization is behind us, too. Even if I don’t get to take advantage of the benefit, I’m glad our future moms and dads will get to!”

“Having a child, even if it’s not your first, is a reality-shaking event,” said Jeff Getzfred, Cassling Reporting Analyst. “From worrying about baby necessities like clothing and diapers to transportation needs like a bigger car, becoming a parent is an anxious time. Knowing that your company is supporting you by giving you the time to be with your newborn is a great relief. It takes some of the burden off of you knowing you don’t have to rush back to work. You need time to be with your baby, spouse and family, and it’s great that the company is willing to give you that time.”

One exciting thing to note about the paid parental leave policy is how it applies to families of all kinds. Team members who welcome children via adoption or fostering are also eligible, something that adoptive fathers like Cassling Regional Service Manager Tim Elder appreciate.

“As an adoptive dad of three, my wife and I experienced the joy and the stress of adopting newborns from three different states,” said Tim. “For each adoption, we had to spend a couple of weeks in another state as we prepared to bring home our little one and then take more time off to adjust to our new family life. The new parental leave benefit is huge because it gives a new mom or dad much-needed time to prepare, adjust and bond as a family. It will help many families who are hoping to adopt because they won’t have the stress of using PTO or working odd schedules while trying to adapt to their new family life.”


In discussing the benefit, Vice President of Human Resources Bruce Stec acknowledged how paid parental leave keeps CQuence Health Group competitive in the recruiting space but also reflects the evolving role an employer has in helping its team members strike an appropriate work-life balance.

“We believe employees who are experiencing additions to their family should have adequate time to focus on their growing family,” said Bruce. “And given the many shapes that families can take today, it was important to us to apply this benefit to mothers, fathers and anyone who has gone the route of adoption or fostering.”

Mike Cassling also discussed how paid parental leave continues the employee-centric legacy that began with the company’s founding.

“This has always been a family company,” said Mike. “This benefit emphasizes our commitment to family in a way that I think my father, who founded Cassling 35 years ago, would be proud of. By providing paid leave to any member of our team who has been blessed with a child, we’re doing our part to help maintain a healthy work-life balance. Plus, we know that added financial stability will give our people peace of mind during this most important transition period as a parent.”

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