CQuence Health Group: Real People, Real Impact

Chicken Costume at EnsocareThe following article was originally featured in the 2019 “Omaha: We Don’t Coast” magazine, an annual Greater Omaha Chamber publication created and produced by the Omaha World-Herald.

It started with a chicken suit. More than memorable, it was career-defining.

It started with a chicken suit. Bruce Stec, vice president of human resources at CQuence Health Group, was checking in with a new team member. Near the end of their conversation, he asked what made her say “Yes” to joining CQuence.

“Normally, people talk about things like our benefits, vacation policy or the opportunity to do rewarding work within health care,” Stec says. “But she looked at me and said, ‘Honestly, I think it was the chicken suit.’

“She must have seen the look on my face, because she laughed and then quickly explained. During her tour of our headquarters, she noticed photos we have all along the walls. She could see Halloween events where our team members (including one in a chicken suit) gave out candy to kids, charity events where we dressed up as superheroes, even our CEO in a workout session with the American Heart Association mascot.

“She said she knew this would be a great fit because here were photos of her future co-workers bonding, giving back to the community and just plain having fun. But she could see they were also engaged with the work at their desks as she passed.

“We’re committed to our employees. It’s reflected in their work and positive attitudes. And if someone can notice that before they even start their job, then I think we’re doing something pretty special here.”

CQuence didn’t become one of the premier health care organizations in the Midwest overnight. Through a culture that emphasizes employee experience and a commitment to customer service, CQ and its partner companies have achieved remarkable success. they’ve done so while offering paid parental leave, time off for volunteering, wellness incentives, an on-site gym and other enhanced benefits.

Jerry Glenn with Mike CasslingThe company’s history began with Cassling, founded 35 years ago by Bob Cassling. Cassling connects health care organizations with Siemens diagnostic imaging equipment and service plans, helping to improve outcomes and advance patient care. CQuence Health Group was later formed to provide a framework of shared services that could be drawn upon by Cassling and its partner companies.

Those partners include Ensocare, a software-as-service provider experiencing unprecedented growth. Initially formed to facilitate patient discharge from the hospital, Ensocare has expanded to enable coordination across the patient’s entire care journey and is adding software engineers and other experts.

With Ensocare and Cassling helping to differentiate CQuence in a crowded field, Mike Cassling, CEO of both CQuence and Cassling, anticipates continued growth and an even better experience.

“What really separates us is our commitment to our customers,” says Cassling. “My father started this company because he understood he could take care of customers better than anyone else. He knew that if you treated employees right, if you gave them the tools they need to do their best work, they’re going to do everything they can to help our customers. That strategy continues to shape how we approach our interactions with each other and the hospitals we work with every day.”

“We recently celebrated our 35th anniversary, and we’re on track to have our highest revenue ever. It’s all thanks to a team that continues to work hard and bring fresh ideas to the table.”

The candid photos on the walls of CQuence Health Group tell only part of the story. Behind the smiling images are real people empowered to directly impact the companies’ successes.

Mike Cassling notes that there “is plenty of wall space left” and many more memories to be made for CQuence and its family of companies.

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