CQ Team Global 6KFor the second year in a row, employees from across CQ’s family of companies took part in an event that helps World Vision bring clean water to developing nations.

OMAHA, Neb. – May 8, 2019 – On Saturday, May 4, while many people celebrated the drama affecting a galaxy far away, team members of CQuence Health Group turned their attention to an issue affecting millions right here on Earth.

The Global 6K for Water was held across the world, and employees of CQ, Cassling and Ensocare did their part to support this event, which seeks to bring clean water to developing nations. Created by World Vision, the Global 6K for Water raises awareness of the plight faced by areas that struggle to supply their citizens with clean water. For every $50 registration, a participant is able to secure clean water for a child in need.

This is the second year in a row CQuence Health Group and its team members have participated in this event. The bulk of CQ participants gathered at Zorinsky Lake to take part in the Omaha-area leg of the race, while employees across the country supported the cause by running or walking their own version of the 6K wherever they lived. The six-kilometer distance was chosen by World Vision because it represents the average distance a child has to walk to get clean water in the developing world.

Reed Poulsen Global 6KCQuence Health Group had just shy of 100 people participate this year, with the company covering all registration fees of team members, their spouses and their children. Each participant had the opportunity to carry a photo of the child directly supported by their registration fee, giving employees a personal reminder of the impact they can have around the world.

Duane Losh, Cassling Field Service Engineer, initially sparked interest in CQ-wide participation in the event. He and his wife have been avid supporters of World Vision for decades, even taking time to go overseas and dig wells and build houses for those in need. The Losh’s efforts have inspired people at all levels of CQuence Health Group.

“I was honored to once again be able to support the Global 6K for Water,” said Mike Cassling, chairman and CEO of CQuence Health Group. “Ever since Duane brought this important cause to our attention, it’s been something that our employees have been really enthusiastic about. It was a pleasure seeing so many people in our companies share photos and stories from the event.”

The Global 6K for Water may be over, but those interested in donating to World Vision’s efforts to bring clean water to parts of the world in need can visit teamworldvision.org. There, they’ll find opportunities to donate and additional events they can participate in to raise money for and bring awareness to clean water efforts around the globe.Kirsten Morgan Mandy Global 6K

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