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Barclay with Ken Vetter
From Typewriters and Film to Apps and the Cloud: How One CQ Team Member Embraced the Digital Age

Published on Aug 15, 2019 in Blog

In order to be a team member at CQuence Health Group, being okay with change is an absolute necessity for the job. We’re big on change here at CQ, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the evolution of some of our companies. In fact, if you really want to know how far CQ…
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Mike Cassling and Kyle Salem
Cassling Navigates Healthcare Industry with Enhanced Imaging Technology

Published on Jun 04, 2019 in Blog

The following originally appeared in the Midlands Business Journal and was written by Becky McCarville. It has been reprinted and lightly edited with permission from the publisher of MBJ Inc. From a big picture perspective, market disruption impacts many aspects of healthcare, from the shift to value-based and outpatient-focused care to the use of big…
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Current, Soon-to-Be Parents Celebrate New Paid Parental Leave Benefit

Published on May 02, 2019 in Blog

Late last year, CQuence Health Group announced Paid Parental Leave for all team members who have been with the company for 12 or more consecutive months. In order to be as welcoming as possible, the benefit provides ten weeks of Paid Time Off for both mothers and fathers. The news, which applies to both full-…
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Kirsten Kicks for a Cure
CQuence Health Group Kicks in for a Good Cause

Published on Apr 23, 2019 in Blog

At CQuence Health Group, some of our very favorite events are those combining two of the cornerstones of our corporate culture: wellness and charity. This past weekend, one of these events took place, and not only was CQuence Health Group a sponsor, but a couple of our team members kicked in their athletics skills to…
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Nancy and CQ at Together
Passion for Wellness, Love for Animals Drive This CQ Team Member

Published on Mar 21, 2019 in Blog

Team members at CQuence Health Group headquarters know if they want a snack, they can head to the kitchen and help themselves to a number of free healthy treats: fruits and vegetables, salads, eggs, cheese and other proteins, juice, sparkling waters and low and zero calorie sodas. But who’s responsible for actually making sure the…
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