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Type the phrase “workplace culture” into Google, and you get 6.8 billion results. Yes, billion with a “b.”

To save you from reading all those snippets, we dug into our own data to determine the top articles on culture at our workplace. Whether you’re interested in wellness incentives or community involvement, employee benefits or company strategy, there’s a top article for everyone.

Thrive wellbeing team membersHere are the eight most-read articles on the CQuence blog this past year.

10 Creative Ways to Use the Wellness Stipend at CQuence Health Group

It’s January, which means many of us have buckled down on our New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy. Employees at CQuence Health Group have a leg up on completing those goals—thanks to an annual wellbeing allowance to help our team members become their best selves.

The list of reimbursable wellness-related items seems to grow each year, mostly because we recognize that not everyone experiences wellness in the same way. Our Human Resources team took stock of the most interesting and creative ways to use a wellness stipend in this blog. Keep reading.

Clinical Backgrounds Help CQuence Team Members Improve Patient Care

No one understands the complexities of diagnostics, patient care and the healthcare environment better than those who have been on the frontlines of care. At CQuence, Cassling and Ensocare, we love when clinically trained employees join our team. We know they’re uniquely positioned to help us understand our customers’ pain points because they’ve been there themselves.

Our VP of Human Resources spoke with some of our clinical experts to gain insight into why they made the leap from the healthcare environment to a corporate one and how their background has helped them succeed on behalf of our customers. Keep reading.

CQuence CEO Passionate about Workforce Retention

The media seems to constantly report on our nation’s workforce challenges and the lack of qualified workers. The Cornhusker state is no different, where the need for recruiting and retaining expert employees, especially in the technology sector, increases every day.

Recently, Mike Cassling, Chairman and CEO of CQuence Health Group—together with Nebraska leaders from the business, education and nonprofit sectors—launched an initiative focused on workforce development. The effort is called the Nebraska Tech Collaborative. Keep reading.

Husband-Wife Team Bring Water to Those in Need

In workplaces around the country, we take the availability of water for granted. Even here at our own office, a water cooler is always just a cubicle or two away.

But Duane Losh, a 30-year Cassling Field Service engineer, and his wife, Rebecca, understand how challenging it is for communities around the world to gain access to water. For decades, they’ve been deeply involved in a charity called World Vision, which works to bring clean water to the developing world. Inspired by the Loshs’ passion and commitment to this cause, CEO Mike Cassling has involved CQuence Health Group in a big way. Keep reading.

CQ Team Global 6K

CQuence Health Group team participating in the Global 6K event in Omaha, NE.

Wellness 101: Three Pillars to Build Your Company Wellness Program

Most full-time employees spend around 47 hours per week on the job, and for many, this time is spent sitting behind a desk or riding in a car—contributing to physical inactivity and rising healthcare costs for employers. This reality has motivated companies to beef up their corporate wellness programs.

There are countless strategies and tactics to create a culture of health and wellness. Whether you’re just starting out or have a well-established wellness program, it’s helpful to start with (or go back to) the fundamentals. We took stock of our wellness program and boiled it down to three important pillars. Keep reading.

How Cassling Translates Cultural Success into Business Achievements

If you know anything about CQuence Health Group, then you’ve probably heard us describe how we’re a close-knit family of healthcare companies, all united toward the common goal of making a meaningful difference in healthcare.

One of the ways we achieve that goal is through an emphasis on our cultural beliefs. Our partner company, Cassling, has re-committed to those standards in a big way, and, as president Kyle Salem explains, has been able to achieve unprecedented success as a result. Keep reading

Cassling 35 Year Banner with Team Members

Current, Soon-to-Be Parents Celebrate New Paid Parental Leave Benefit

Recently, CQuence Health Group announced Paid Parental Leave for all team members who have been with the company for 12 or more consecutive months. In order to be as welcoming as possible, the benefit provides ten weeks of Paid Time Off for both mothers and fathers. The news, which applies to both full- and part-time employees at Ensocare, Cassling and CQuence Health Group, has been met with widespread enthusiasm. Keep reading.

35th Anniversary Provides Opportunity to Celebrate, Thrive

Here’s a tip for maintaining a successful wellness program: integrate incentives into regular company programs or existing events. For example, when Cassling celebrated its 35th anniversary, how do you think we celebrated? With a 35-themed wellness incentive, of course! Keep reading.

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